Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Moving a city to Linux would save it over €11 million.

"The Munich city authority migrated around 14,800 of the 15,000 or so PCs on its network to LiMux, its own Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, exceeding its initial goal of migrating 12,000 desktops."
... and this would save it over €11 million. You can read more about this here.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

News about google : Google Compute Engine is now Generally Available

The last newsletter from Google comes with ...

Google Compute Engine is now Generally Available with a 99.95% monthly SLA and 24x7 support. We've eliminated maintenance windows with live migration, cut prices by 10%, added support for Red Hat, SUSE, FreeBSD, or any Linux variant you want, and introduced new 16-core instances.

Google Compute Engine is Generally Available (GA), offering virtual machines that are performant, scalable, reliable, and offer industry-leading security features like encryption of data at rest.
Also, the Compute Engine supported two of the most popular Linux distributions, Debian and Centos and support for SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (in Limited Preview) and FreeBSD.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Using SOHO LASCO C3 instrument from helioviewer website I saw the comet C/2012 S1 ISON.
I make one python script to take this image using sunpy ... (see here)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Using Codenvy with Google App Engine – testing with default python project .

Today I tested Codenvy with Google App Engine.
Is easy to make all settings ... I test it default project from Codenvy.
Is working very well.
See more in this tutorial.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fix adobe player – play 1080p or 480p YouTube videos with HTML 5 .

If your browser don't play the Youtube videos then this is fix now ...

Just load this page on YouTube and click on the join button on it.

In the bottom of each video from youtube will see the HTML 5 button.

Now if you press this button the youtube video will start in HTML 5 without using flash player.

Very good for linux users.

... new tutorials

Today I make tow new tutorials. You can read it from:

Rename multiple files by cutting first part , the end or in middle of name under Linux – part 001.

Create android application using Codenvy and run it with Manymo – Android emulator.

Now I working again ...

News: NVIDIA Linux Drivers 331.17 (beta) with OpenGL 4.4

NVIDIA comes with a new set of graphics drivers in beta version for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.
This release - R331.17 is an OpenGL 4.4 driver and the same the same number of extensions than R331.13: 292 OpenGL + 28 GLX.
Also, support for the following GPUs:
  • Quadro K510M 
  • Quadro K610M 
  • Quadro K1100M 
  • Quadro K2100M 
  • Quadro K3100M 
  • Quadro K4100M 
  • Quadro K5100M 
  • GeForce 705A 
  • GeForce GT 730A
Read more about this release nvidia devtalk forum.

Friday, October 25, 2013

News about Scribus : VIVA Designer XML importer available .

Now the Scribus application import filter for VIVA Designer XML files

Hi all,

Yesterday Franz submitted a first version of an import filter for XML versions of VIVA Designer documents. 

If you are a Designer user and want to test the Scribus importer, you can test the importer and report bugs. If you have some complex Designer files and don't want to test yourself, you can export them to XML and upload the results to: 

Happy testing! Christoph

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Using fasm under linux - tutorial

I make another tutorial about linux , fasm and how to use .inc files.
So if you want then ... you can go to fasm-about-format-elf-executable-3-part-002.
Also you can read more about linux , programming , blender 3d , python, scripting ...
Thank you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Synfig need some help.

Will you remember about the synfig software ?
 Seam the team need some help ...
We have enough money to fund Ivan's work until November 1st 2013, but our goal is to continue intensive development of Synfig as long as possible. That's why we have decided to start a fundraising campaign.
Read more about the-synfig-fundraising-campaign

Friday, September 13, 2013

Insync can help with Google Drive files.

I read a good article from linux jurnal website.

This is about Insync software and Google Drive.

So I try it and is very good to have it in your linux distro.

The Insync software let you to have files from google drive on your linux , sync and make conversion from Google Docs format to LibreOffice.

You have also one tray icon , something like Dropbox with a nice menu.

The application from Insync comes for Fedora , Ubuntu and Debian.

First windows of instalation is very intuitive...see

... will ask you to accept some things...

First you will have 15 days of trial and after that the price will start from 9,99 $.

The menu of tray icon cam be show with right click and this allow you to make all changes.

Is a great tool but if you sum all prices from all applications and google plans ( $4.99/month for 100Gb) will see this will take some money from you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Working with sunpy python module ...

Today I worked with sunpy python module.

So I make one simple tutorial about this module.

If somebody want to see it or maybe to read some python tutorial the go to this website.

Monday, September 9, 2013

News : Python 3.4.0 alpha 2 .

From python official website I found this :

Python 3.4.0 alpha 2 was released on September 9th, 2013. This is a preview release of the next major release of Python, Python 3.4, and is not suitable for production environments.

Major new features of the 3.4 series, compared to 3.3

Python 3.4 includes a range of improvements of the 3.x series, including hundreds of small improvements and bug fixes. Major new features and changes in the 3.4 release series so far include:

PEP 435, a standardized "enum" module

PEP 442, improved semantics for object finalization

PEP 443, adding single-dispatch generic functions to the standard library

PEP 445, a new C API for implementing custom memory allocators

PEP 446, changing file descriptors to not be inherited by default in subprocesses...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make one menu using pygame

This is the result of my tutorial named : PyGame - first interface - part 6 .

I use the rect function to make buttons.

Also I check the mouse position and changed the color.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Test pygame , pyopengl and some features ...

Today I worked with pygame and OpenGL python modules.

I want to make a simple script to test and load pygame , OpenGL modules.

The script can be found here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Shared come with 100 Gb free ... not just 15Gb

The shared webside come with 100 Gb free account .
This is very good to backup your work.
If you cant you can get your account.

This is my account ... and come just 15 Gb 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Few tutorials with pygame and android ...

Linux can be a goof tool for development...

In the last days I deal with pygame and android.

So if you want to make applications for your tablet or mobile phone then see this:




... also I saw the pygame can give some errors on android. I got this error : android pygame error : failed to dequeue buffer from native window.

So if is somebody know pygame then you can read more here.

News: find your own personal information through Google Search.

The good news about Google come from the official blog with this article.
Now you can ask google more about your flights, plans, appointments, reservations, purchases or your photos.
Your information come via encrypted connection just only for you when you're signed in to Google.
All of these features are for all users in the U.S. in English over the next few days.
My big question comes: Why come just in English... ?

Monday, August 12, 2013

News: ASUS without Windows RC.

After many problems with Windows RC, this great news is gratifying for users.
According to this article, it seems that ASUS quit Windows RC.
Maybe in the future will see ASUS device with Fedora OS...What do you think about that?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marketing or dodge trade...?

The last years will come with many features for consumers.

The website come with this "dodge trade"

I told myself :"Maybe is an error".

Not realy. The marketing is make to distort the consumer.

Why? If you create an account on MailDirect then will have receive 0.5 ¢ and 1 ¢ / mail (you need 100$ to cash the money).

The big error is : most of the offers are exaggerated ...

Honestly, you should review the marketing policy.

I'm sure most users of Linux operating systems are wise enough to avoid such problems.

The big question is: if we are adept of open source infos ...then why not we have the same expressions in trades ?

Sorry about this post . Regards.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Google Analytics - new settings to improve your website.

Now Google Analytics team help you turn your website’s data to improve results and meet your goals.

You can share your information websites with google experts and will receive account tips, new ideas and goals.

Read this tutorial about how to do that.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

News: The new pygobject come with version 3.9.5 .

GObject is an object system used by GTK+, GStreamer and other libraries.
The new PyGObject 3.9.5 provides a convenient wrapper for use in Python programs when accessing GObject libraries.
The news comes from Simon Feltman - pygtk digest: I am pleased to announce version 3.9.5 of the Python bindings for GObject. This is the third release of the 3.9.x series which will eventually result in the stable 3.10 release for GNOME 3.10.
The new release is available from

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New features on Opera Next 16.

I don't use Opera but seam will be more good for users.
Read the full article here wrote by Sebo (Sebastian Baberowski).
Features that we’ve added for this build are:
support for W3C Geolocation API, form auto-filler, support for jump-lists on Windows 7/8,presentation mode is now available also on Mac, opera:flags – you can play with experimental features there. Please remember that this game might be dangerous (and bite), Opera 16 is based on Chromium 29.
So go and try the Opera...

How many fedora users use Opera browser?!

Opera browser

Using cat command to see all source code from one folder.

You can see all content of your files using cat command.

I created one function named catt in my .bashrc file.

This is the function you can change to show any type of files not just javascript.

That allow you to working in same folder with many files and see the changes.

If you have another idea about how to see changes in all source of code then just send me one mail or comment.

function catt(){
    for i in *.js;
        do echo "__""$i""__";
        echo "--------------------------";
        cat "$i" -n -b;
        echo "--------------------------";
        done ;

And this is result output for all javascript from my node.js folder.

     1 var sys = require("sys"),
     2 my_http = require("http");
     3 my_http.createServer(function(request,response){
     4  sys.puts("I got kicked");
     5  response.writeHeader(200, {"Content-Type": "text/plain"});
     6  response.write("Hello World");
     7  response.end();
     8 }).listen(8080);
     9 sys.puts("Server Running on 8080");
     1 var sys = require("sys");
     2 sys.puts("Hello World");

One problem can be the number of files parse by this function.

In this case you will not able to see all content of files. Will be to much for you.

But for settings files will work great.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Far Out tracks people using GPS to learn their routine... and even more.

Now Microsoft and Google can predict where a person will be years from now using a new computer software called Far Out.

Researchers uses this information to accurately guess their future locations.

Using all data about their job, relationship or moves house and adapts its predictions to predict the long-term human mobilty.

You can read my personal opinion about this World Domination : here.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Use your linux to see the sun... online or java application.

I saw on youtube many videos about strange objects near sun.

Most of this is taken using this website.

If you want to install one application to see the sun then just read this tutorial.

Also you can read more about the sun and the way can be detected from internet.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giant Robot Storms ...

I thinking ... : This robot running some Linux OS ?

Google will come with new encryption.

Maybe is not a Fedora or Linux news but this can change your life.
According to this article written by Google has begun experimenting with encrypting Google Drive files.
After many users and companies try to protect data with SSL and HTTPS now seam the encryption will be AES - Advanced Encryption Standard.
This not means that is still a possibility to get access data before the data is encrypted or during the user is actively connected.
This will calm down some users and companies.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Selenium can deal with your cookies browser.

Today I will show how to deal with cookies and Firefox.

Selenium Python Client Driver is a Python language binding for Selenium Remote Control.

You can read more about this module here.

You can find some examples , but most of webpages working with cookies.So let's make one simple tutorial.

The next source code is very simple and most of the python users knows what means.

$ python 
Python 2.7.3 (default, Jan  2 2013, 16:53:07) 
[GCC 4.7.2] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from selenium import webdriver
>>> from selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementException
>>> from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
>>> browser = webdriver.Firefox()
>>> browser.get("")

If you want then you can read more about my tutorial here.

Also you can see more about my work with python here.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using .bashrc function to connect and debug your android application.

This is a simple way to use your tablet device to debug your android applications.

Go to root account and open the .bashrc file.

Type the next source code using your home folder account.

function tablet()
cd /home/free-tutorials/android-studio/sdk/platform-tools/
./adb kill-server
./adb server
./adb devices

Restart your terminal, connect your tablet device .

Now you can use this command : tablet to start connection with your tablet.

If you want to see more about programming android application under Fedora distro , just go to this website.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Linux without Avira Antivirus ...

As a result, by June 30, 2016, we will discontinue our Linux product sector and concentrate increasingly on developing Avira’s Windows and Mac OS system product portfolio only. Specifically, Avira AntiVir Professional Linux, Avira Server Security Linux and Avira Free Antivirus Linux will be discontinued and Avira Endpoint Security and Avira Business Security Suite will be offered without Linux support.

I don't tested this antivirus with my Fedora. The only antivirus I tested and seam working well it's f-prot.

You can read more about this on avira support webpage.

News about the new MintBox 2.

Linux Mint will come with the new MintBox 2.
I want to see more distro to do that for the users.
What do you think if will see in the future Fedora Box, Gentoo Box and Debian Box?
Linux it's a free OS, why don't have some low price for hardware to promote the distro?
The donate way is poor and many users don't see it.
So I think the MintBox is a great idea.
See this comparison of the MintBox basic, the MintBox pro and the MintBox 2.

MintBox Basic
MintBox Pro
MintBox 2
Intel i5
Dual Gigabit
1 year
1 year
5 years
Geekbench score
$476*** + shipping, VAT, duty
$549 + shipping, VAT, duty

Read more about this device here

Monday, June 24, 2013

The font python module from pygame is missing .

Today I try to see some old python source code.

I got this error and seam many python users have same error.

NotImplementedError: font module not available
(ImportError: No module named font)

It's the last release of pygame.

When I try to config the pygame I got this

pygame-1.9.1release]$ python2.7
Using UNIX configuration...

Backup existing "Setup" file [Y/n]:

Hunting dependencies...
sh: smpeg-config: command not found
WARNING: "smpeg-config" failed!
SDL     : found 1.2.13
FONT    : not found
IMAGE   : found
MIXER   : not found
SMPEG   : not found
PNG     : found
JPEG    : found
SCRAP   : found
PORTMIDI: not found
PORTTIME: not found

Warning, some of the pygame dependencies were not found. Pygame can still
compile and install, but games that depend on those missing dependencies
will not run. Would you like to continue the configuration? [Y/n]:

Not only FONT is not here. I will try to fix this issue.

Friday, June 21, 2013

News: Feedly Cloud and the new Feedly .

After Google Reader gone, I try to find another reader.
The best choice was Feedly.
The good news it's come now with a new feature Feedly Cloud, see:
June 19th - The Feedly Cloud is now available to everyone.
Learn more and make sure you are migrated
Already some applications were built on Feedly cloud ...
Feedly cloud is now live, providing a fast and scalable infrastructure to seamlessly replace Google Reader. Feedly cloud also comes with a completely stand-alone Web version of feedly, that works with all major browsers. Finally, we are please to announce the first nine applications built on feedly cloud, that allow you to expand your feedly experience.

Monday, June 17, 2013

News: Google map fail under Firefox 17.0

The new google map it's now online. Everyone knows this news.
The Google development team told us:
The new Google Maps is redrawn for every search and click you make...
Really !?
I have the last update of Firefox, see :

So firefox is not good for google map.

You can read more news and tutorials here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Komodo 8.0.2 the best IDE .

Today I working with Komodo 8.0.2 .

The Komodo Edit it’s a very powerful free editor.

So if yo want to see more then read this.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How to export your project from Netbeans like RPM package.

I make another tutorial about Netbeans and RPM package.

If you want to see more read this.

I hope this help some people.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Send money with Gmail .

Google Wallet is now integrated into Gmail.

You can securely send money to friends and family in the U.S. using your Gmail inbox.

This is just for U.S. only.

Google introduce something like that to Gmail to push Google Wallet to a larger audience.

You can pay with your credit and debit cards for a low fee of 2.9% per transaction and receiving money is always free.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Working with GLFW library under Fedora.

This is another tutorial about OpenGL.

The main goal it's : using GLFW library.

It's very simple to use this library.

If you want to read more the go to this website.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Using nethogs like top command .

NetHogs is a net tool like command top but show us bandwidth by process.

Now supported:

Shows TCP download- and upload-speed per process

Supports both IPv4 and IPv6

Supports both Ethernet and PPP

You can read and get archive from here.

Unarchive then use make and make install.

# ls
Changelog       decpcap.h         INSTALL      process.h
connection.cpp  decpcap_test      Makefile     README
connection.h    decpcap_test.cpp  nethogs.8    README.decpcap.txt
conninode.cpp   DESIGN            nethogs.cpp  refresh.cpp
conninode.h     devices.cpp       nethogs.h    refresh.h
cui.cpp         devices.h         packet.cpp
cui.h           inode2prog.cpp    packet.h
decpcap.c       inode2prog.h      process.cpp
# make
# make install 
install -d -m 755 /usr/local/sbin
install -m 755 nethogs /usr/local/sbin
install -d -m 755 /usr/local/share/man/man8/
install -m 644 nethogs.8 /usr/local/share/man/man8/

After that you have this files:

# ls
Changelog       decpcap.c         inode2prog.h  packet.o
connection.cpp  decpcap.h         inode2prog.o  process.cpp
connection.h    decpcap.o         INSTALL       process.h
connection.o    decpcap_test      Makefile      process.o
conninode.cpp   decpcap_test.cpp  nethogs       README
conninode.h     DESIGN            nethogs.8     README.decpcap.txt
conninode.o     devices.cpp       nethogs.cpp   refresh.cpp
cui.cpp         devices.h         nethogs.h     refresh.h
cui.h           devices.o         packet.cpp    refresh.o
cui.o           inode2prog.cpp    packet.h

Can you use now binary nethogs to run it.

The binary # ./decpcap_test not working on my system.

I don't know what is the reason.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Linux cool gadget checking spelling and gramar .

This gadget that vibrates when you make mistakes in legibility, spelling and gramar uses Linux to run the programs on its chip.

The gadget recognizes all writing movements and lets you know with an unmistakable vibration when you’ve made a mistake.

You can pre-order and once the first pens are available then you will purchase your Lernstift gadget.

Read more here.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

News: NASA migrates from Windows to Linux

According to the article written by Lawrence Latif, N.A.S.A. will replace the Windows XP with Linux :
THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) will remove Microsoft Windows from its onboard laptops and run Linux exclusively.
The main reason can be :
...NASA has been using Linux on its missions for some time, including on its Mars Curosity rover, suggesting that the delay in shifting over to Linux on ISS was more to do with porting legacy applications from Windows.
Read more about this here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Testing upload images on google account.

When you upload many images under your google account the time is longer and refresing of upload gui is slow.

You can test your user interface to see how MiB is uploading to google server.

See the next linux command.

$ watch -d 'ifconfig | grep MiB | grep "TX bytes"'

And result is something like this:

Every 2.0s: ifconfig | grep MiB | grep "TX bytes" Thu May  2 22:44:09 2013

          RX bytes:15625675 (14.9 MiB)  TX bytes:184506104 (175.9 MiB)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The new Blender 2.67 release will come with ...

The new Blender 2.67 release note can be used now with this new features:

Compositing Nodes

Cycles Rendering

Motion Tracker

Paint System Refactoring

Changes for Usability, tools, interface

FreeStyle - NPR Render

3D Printing Toolset

You can download a release candidate build for testing here .

Linux binaries for Synfig version 0.64.0 the latest candidate 3

The team of Synfig told us about the latest candidate:

For those who impatient about the upcoming release, we providing a testing linux binaries with the most features inside!
Please check out this forum thread, install and test.
Note: Yes, the version in package number still says 0.63.05, but it doesn't really matter, believe us.
I got this error with my old fedora distro:
synfigstudio: symbol lookup error: /opt/synfig/lib/ undefined symbol: pixman_image_composite32

The new AMD Catalyst - Linux x86 and x86_64

AMD has released a new graphics proprietary driver for Linux.

The new feature of Catalyst 13.4 for Linux supports all Radeon HD 5000/6000/7000 videocards.

You can download Catalyst 13.4 for Linux from here.

The new Catalyst 13.4 for Linux is an OpenGL 4.2 - GL_VERSION: 4.0.12217 Core Profile Context 12.104 driver.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Intel HTML5 Development Environment on my Fedora.

Intel has launched a developer platform to make it super-easy to create apps based on HTML5.

You can use the Intel XDK to build HTML5 web applications or for all of the major App Stores.

The new environment is available free of licensing fees and other costs.

Also you need to install Google Chrome first if you it's not already on your laptop or desktop.

I test it on my Fedora linux distro and it's working well.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Use SpiderGL to test your shaders ...

SpiderGL is a JavaScript 3D Graphics library which relies on WebGL for realtime rendering.

You can test it online using your browser using this website.

The website allow you to write shaders and also rendering the output.

Read more about shaders tutorial here.

NAO control with LEAP MOTION

The NAO sur Seine monthly meetings are usually an opportunity to see cool innovations. After controlling NAO with a Neurosky headset, our Paris user group met in March for a crazy demo that we had to keep secret until it was publicly released at Devoxx France, where it has been a tremendous success.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LibreOffice 4.0.2 without SFTP .

The SSH File Transfer Protocol (also Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP) is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management functionalities see wikipedia.
The LibreOffice 4.0.2 has same problem with SFTP.
If you want to upload over internet using Web Wizzard the only way is FTP.
And just the FTP without SFTP.
This can be one of the problem, because many admins working with SFTP.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The 4.0.2 branch of LibreOffice .

The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the third release from the 4.0.2 branch of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is made available by volunteers around the globe, backed by a charitable Foundation.

The Document Foundation is a charitable Foundation under German law, founded on February 17th, 2012.
Read more about advanced features.

How it's working with Fedora 10:  read more about installing on this tutorial.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mozilla and Samsung with the new way in browsers development.

Mozilla told us about the new browser way and you can read more about this on mozilla blog.
The big question is : Why Rust?
Most of the people know the Rust come with version 0.6. So can be more powerful ?
Seam this is true.
Rust is the perfect choice for this endeavor because of its built-in security features and precise hardware control.
Now Mozilla make big steps with Firefox OS.
Also the linux distro will be update with this new browser?
Let's see: Opera joining Google and Apple to use Webkit , Microsoft has Internet Explorer and Mozilla with Firefox.
I wonder : this is good or not ?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why I love another browser

I have some feelings about IE . I like my browser and with the next article show us the true.

Microsoft's next version of Internet Explorer might just support WebGL, a standard for accelerated 3D graphics on the Web that the company previously has attacked as a security risk.

A leaked version of the next version of Windows, code-named Blue, came with a version of IE11, and developer's scrutiny of the browser shows evidence of WebGL.

"It seems like WebGL interfaces are defined but not functional at this time," said Web developer and author Francois Remy in a blog post this week. That means that the IE11 build has some infrastructure in place to support WebGL, but lacks actual support at this stage.

If you want read more here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Steam give a kick to the other distros.

The Steam development team give a kick to the other distros.

After I try to put steam on Fedora without results , the team replay:

Hello Catalin,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Steam for Linux is currently only supported on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 with Unity, Gnome, or KDE desktops.

If you are running another distribution of Linux, we will not be able to provide support. We recommend you install Ubuntu for the best Steam experience on Linux.

For more information on this please visit the following link:

Monday, March 11, 2013

My website will come with wordpress theme.

I have many things to do and I agree to put wordpress on my website.

It's a bit upsetting because I working with php to make this website more good.

Anyway I hope this will give me the way to be faster and increase the goal of this website.

I hope we will read this website:

Thank you. Regards.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

About Google and Sets Live

This is old feature I liked ...

Google comes with other this feature named Sets Live since 2008.

Based on an idea to be able to recognize the similarity of a set of terms.

It's worked on spreadsheet and is very simple.

Just fill with two words in the spreadsheet, select with key SHIFT (highlight the two cells).

Press CTRL key and dragging the small blue box and google will automatically identify other similar terms.

Also seam Google continues to work on expanding their use of semantic information.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Newton fractal with Python 2.7.3

Today I worked with fractals and python.

It was a litte hard. I have used the internet and wikipedia documentation.

If somebody want to make something better like this:

My source code can be found : here.

News: PP 1.6.4 is released ...

The new version: PP 1.6.4 is released and working well.
What is PP python module?
PP is a python module which provides a mechanism for parallel execution of python code on SMP and clusters.
SMP - systems with multiple processors or cores;
clusters - computers connected via the network;
Read more Parallel Python.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

News: Intel and TV service ?

According to Mr.Huggers, Intel wants its internet TV service to incorporate, including live programming, on-demand content, catch-up TV, and apps.
This can be good but can be also an easy way to take some new clients.
The big problem is " What will see in this service?".
I don't expect to see something about the secrets of Intel assembly code or development team, but can be something nice.
Read more here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

News: DroidCleaner App infects connected PCs

Linux friends with android device another problem can infect your device.
DroidCleaner, an Android app that claims to free up smartphone memory but actually infects connected PCs, has been removed from Google Play but is still available from third-party app stores.
Read more here.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest 2013

This week I’m attending the Developer Experience hackfest in Brussels.
This week Red Hat and the GNOME Foundation giving you the chance to attend the Developer Experience hackfest in Brussels.
The goal of the hackfest is to improve the overall application developer experience.
There are three main areas of work we suggest for this hackfest:

  • Tooling (Anjuta, Monodevelop, application bundling, intltool, gtk-doc, autofoo and friends...)
  • Developer docs and mindshare (unified online/offline API reference UI, app developer community building...)
  • Further platform needs (improvement of data-driven apps and other needs with an unclear answer)
  • Application bundling and sandboxing, the application as the first class concept in the kernel

Read more about this event here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The linux command: dmidecode

The linux command dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer's DMI.

# dmidecode -h
Usage: dmidecode [OPTIONS]
Options are:
 -d, --dev-mem FILE     Read memory from device FILE (default: /dev/mem)
 -h, --help             Display this help text and exit
 -q, --quiet            Less verbose output
 -s, --string KEYWORD   Only display the value of the given DMI string
 -t, --type TYPE        Only display the entries of given type
 -u, --dump             Do not decode the entries
 -V, --version          Display the version and exit

Let's see the option: -t.

# dmidecode -t -h
Invalid type keyword: -h
Valid type keywords are:

Now let's show you some infos about my old processor.

# dmidecode -t processor
# dmidecode 2.9
SMBIOS 2.3 present.

Handle 0x0004, DMI type 4, 32 bytes
Processor Information
 Socket Designation: SOCKET A
 Type: Central Processor
 Family: Other
 Manufacturer: AuthenticAMD
 ID: 62 06 00 00 FF FB 83 03
 Signature: Family 6, Model 6, Stepping 2
  FPU (Floating-point unit on-chip)
  VME (Virtual mode extension)
  DE (Debugging extension)
  PSE (Page size extension)
  TSC (Time stamp counter)
  MSR (Model specific registers)
  PAE (Physical address extension)
  MCE (Machine check exception)
  CX8 (CMPXCHG8 instruction supported)
  APIC (On-chip APIC hardware supported)
  SEP (Fast system call)
  MTRR (Memory type range registers)
  PGE (Page global enable)
  MCA (Machine check architecture)
  CMOV (Conditional move instruction supported)
  PAT (Page attribute table)
  PSE-36 (36-bit page size extension)
  MMX (MMX technology supported)
  FXSR (Fast floating-point save and restore)
  SSE (Streaming SIMD extensions)
 Version: AMD Athlon(TM) MP 1700+
 Voltage: 1.7 V
 External Clock: 133 MHz
 Max Speed: 2250 MHz
 Current Speed: 1466 MHz
 Status: Populated, Enabled
 Upgrade: Other
 L1 Cache Handle: 0x0009
 L2 Cache Handle: 0x000A
 L3 Cache Handle: Not Provided

Also you can use this format to read infos.

# dmidecode --type 0 --type 13 

The numbers tell what to read, see:

system  1, 12, 15, 23, 32
baseboard  2, 10, 41
chassis  3
processor  4
memory  5, 6, 16, 17
cache  7
connector  8
slot  9

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Deadlock make with Unity - Linux 32 and 64.

Another game for Linux users: Deadlock.
Also, the Windows and OSX users can play this game using the web browser with the Unity plugin.

- Intel Core-2-Quad 2.4GHz or similar
- 2 Go Ram
- DX9 3D video card such as Nvidia GTX280 or Radeon HD5850 or newer.
You need to have the GLIBCXX_3.4.11 under Linux OS.
Deadlock website

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vulnerability? google paypal facebook and internal ip

Do you have any idea about an Internal IP Address or a Private IP Address that too assigned for Multinational Companies? Yeah, today we are gonna discuss about Internal IP or Private IP address Disclosure.
Disclosure of an Internal IP like 192.168.*.* or 172.16.*.* , can really Impact? Most security researchers call it as "bull shit" vulnerability. But when it comes to impact calculation even if the server is behind a firewall or NAT, an attacker can see internal IP of the remote host and this may be used to further attacks.
Read more here.

Linux - Fedora and Android make read-only file system.

I don't know what is the problem with Linux - Fedora and Android OS.
After I put my USB cable seam Fedora make from write disk to read-only.
Maybe the Android when scan the device set to read-only.
So you can get some error like this when you use the chown command:
chown: changing ownership of ...: Read-only file system
That can be one big problem when you want to copy files on your tablet.
I found a solution, just use remount.
# mount -o rw,remount /media/disk
If you want to make read-only, use:
# mount -o ro,remount /media/disk
That will solve this issue.