Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fedora 27 : Fix your distro with package-cleanup command.

Happy New Year 2018 !
A new beginning for us, fedora distribution users, and I prefer to write about what we all use in Fedora and maybe is less well known by new  readers.
Let's start with the development process of Fedora distro come and all the installed kernels.
Normally reason why you maybe want remove kernels is limited disk space, fix problems and see what is wrong with your Fedora distro.
First issue is about installed kernels, use this command:
#rpm -q kernel
Install this package tool named dnf-utils (is a collection of add-on tool for dnf tool).
#dnf install dnf-utils
Let's start with this command, we see that several packages are seemingly installed more than once:
#package-cleanup --cleandupes
If there’s any remaining trouble with the yum database you can see with this command:
#package-cleanup --problems
To remove installed kernels from old Fedora distros use this command:
#package-cleanup --oldkernels --count=2
... the Fedora 27 use this command:
#package-cleanup --oldkernels 2
To obtain list of orphaned packages currently residing in the system:
#package-cleanup --leaves