Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fedora 27 : Nettacker tool .

This tool for internet of things is a network of physical objects such as household devices.
This goal let Nettacker tool to automated for information gathering, vulnerability scanning and eventually generating report for networks, including services, bugs, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and information. Is able to use SYN, ACK, TCP, ICMP and many other protocols to detect and bypass the Firewalls/IDS/IPS and devices.
The project is at the moment in research and development phase and most of results/codes are not published yet.
  • is a IoT Scanner - Internet of Things Scanner;
  • Python Multi Thread and Multi Process Network Information Gathering Vulnerability Scanner;
  • Service and Device Detection ( SCADA, Restricted Areas, Routers, HTTP Servers, Logins and Authentications, None-Indexed HTTP, Paradox System, Cameras, Firewalls, UTM, WebMails, VPN, RDP, SSH, FTP, TELNET Services, Proxy Servers and Many Devices like Juniper, Cisco, Switches and more);
  • Network Service Analysis;
  • Services Vulnerability Testing;
  • Services Brute Force Testing;
  • HTTP/HTTPS Crawling, Fuzzing, Information Gathering and more;
  • Python and Nmap Module Version [ .nse  Lua language ];
  • HTML and text outputs;
How to install into fedora 27.
git clone
cd Nettacker
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -h
If you run it you will see the help of this tool:

Let's test it:
python --graph d3_tree_v1_graph' -i -m all
The result of this is show in the next image: