luni, 17 iunie 2013

Google map fail under Firefox 17.0

The new google map it's now online. Every one know's this news.

The google devolopment team told us:

The new Google Maps is redrawn for every search and click you make...

Really !?

I have last update of firefox, see :

So firefox is not good for google map.

You can read more news and tutorials here.

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Nick spunea...

The latest stable Firefox is 21.0. Are you on an older install of Fedora which no longer prompts you for updates? Or have you not run yum update in awhile?

shimi810 spunea...

I’m using with firefox 21.0. new google maps preview not working.
i not see the massage like in post. any massage, just not working - anything.

now i know why...

in chromium is show massage "ho. no!" (some crash).
in google chrome - all working (of course...)

They are trying to promote/develop their product over other browsers (or block them). nervous.

Chris spunea...

Works fine in Firefox 21 in Fedora 19, but only with the nvidia drivers.

When using nouveau or intel, the map displays but fails to redraw or update.

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