Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fedora and Krita software.

I used most time Gimp software and was great. Even I try scripting under gimp and works.

Today I will told you about Krita software.
The Krita software is a great tool to make animation and 2D content and works with many operating system. You can donate to help this software by using this web page. 
You can also help the team by using your skills under some issues from this web page.
The first animation and instant Preview support was come with 2.9 beta-version.
Now under Fedora come with version 3.0.1.x and is need to install kde libs.
You can read the documentation of this software here.
I see has many and beautiful patterns and also you can use your graphic tablet like input device.
The instalation of this software is very easy, just type this commands under root account:
#dnf upgrade
#dnf search krita
#dnf install krita