Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fedora 14 versus 3D software .

In the next few days ago I decided to try software 3d with Fedora 14.
I am disappointed again. I was expecting some improvements in this area by the developers.
Especially because it is a difficult topic.
But let's see why I have this impression...
I have searched for packages that are required with this command:
# yum search "3d engine"
============================== Matched: 3d engine ==============================
irrlicht.i686 : A high performance realtime 3D engine
crystalspace.i686 : Crystal Space a free 3D engine
ember.i686 : 3D client for WorldForge
ogre.i686 : Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Code:: Blocks does not work with Ogre 3D or Irrlicht 3D packages. Although I spent quite a long time. However, on Windows XP this combination worked well.
Ember game working hard. Maybe because my video card - FX5200, not really likes the new drivers.
Code:: Blocks is very stubborn. Ogre and Irrlicht Wizards of the Linux version of Code:: Blocks does not work at all.