Thursday, April 21, 2011

News: "A tour of Eclipse Helios" by IBM

It's a pretty good and complete information about Helios ...
Article begins:
Helios is the simultaneous release of 39 Eclipse projects. In terms of statistics, the Helios release includes 33 million lines of code developed by about 500 committers from 44 companies...
You can read here and you will be impressed by the new Helios.
The best part for Linux users is Linux tools.
As Andrew Overholt says in the same article:
"The Linux Tools project also aims to increase the amount of Eclipse technology available in Linux distributions. We are working towards this goal by providing a build harness of the Eclipse SDK that is easy to consume for Linux distributions and already have a number of distribution consumers."
I have not yet found the negative aspects from the Helios ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

What things should be fixed quickly ?

Here are some things that should be repaired.
There are minor things or less, but make life a misery. There are things that generate more questions and more errors on the Internet.
This is an epidemic of questions there just because they are not repaired.

1. Google must give the possibility to download video files updated...
2. Python modules gdata do not work for all versions... ( and many modules has the same problem)
3. Python module ftplib does not know about SFTP, just FTP
4. Too many compilers for C and C + + and lack of advanced tutorials for setting them, especially gcc on windows
5. Social networks Spam filling our mail.

I will try to update the list over time.
I'm sure there are more ...