Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using .bashrc function to connect and debug your android application.

This is a simple way to use your tablet device to debug your android applications.

Go to root account and open the .bashrc file.

Type the next source code using your home folder account.

function tablet()
cd /home/free-tutorials/android-studio/sdk/platform-tools/
./adb kill-server
./adb server
./adb devices

Restart your terminal, connect your tablet device .

Now you can use this command : tablet to start connection with your tablet.

If you want to see more about programming android application under Fedora distro , just go to this website.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Linux without Avira Antivirus ...

As a result, by June 30, 2016, we will discontinue our Linux product sector and concentrate increasingly on developing Avira’s Windows and Mac OS system product portfolio only. Specifically, Avira AntiVir Professional Linux, Avira Server Security Linux and Avira Free Antivirus Linux will be discontinued and Avira Endpoint Security and Avira Business Security Suite will be offered without Linux support.

I don't tested this antivirus with my Fedora. The only antivirus I tested and seam working well it's f-prot.

You can read more about this on avira support webpage.

News about the new MintBox 2.

Linux Mint will come with the new MintBox 2.
I want to see more distro to do that for the users.
What do you think if will see in the future Fedora Box, Gentoo Box and Debian Box?
Linux it's a free OS, why don't have some low price for hardware to promote the distro?
The donate way is poor and many users don't see it.
So I think the MintBox is a great idea.
See this comparison of the MintBox basic, the MintBox pro and the MintBox 2.

MintBox Basic
MintBox Pro
MintBox 2
Intel i5
Dual Gigabit
1 year
1 year
5 years
Geekbench score
$476*** + shipping, VAT, duty
$549 + shipping, VAT, duty

Read more about this device here

Monday, June 24, 2013

The font python module from pygame is missing .

Today I try to see some old python source code.

I got this error and seam many python users have same error.

NotImplementedError: font module not available
(ImportError: No module named font)

It's the last release of pygame.

When I try to config the pygame I got this

pygame-1.9.1release]$ python2.7
Using UNIX configuration...

Backup existing "Setup" file [Y/n]:

Hunting dependencies...
sh: smpeg-config: command not found
WARNING: "smpeg-config" failed!
SDL     : found 1.2.13
FONT    : not found
IMAGE   : found
MIXER   : not found
SMPEG   : not found
PNG     : found
JPEG    : found
SCRAP   : found
PORTMIDI: not found
PORTTIME: not found

Warning, some of the pygame dependencies were not found. Pygame can still
compile and install, but games that depend on those missing dependencies
will not run. Would you like to continue the configuration? [Y/n]:

Not only FONT is not here. I will try to fix this issue.

Friday, June 21, 2013

News: Feedly Cloud and the new Feedly .

After Google Reader gone, I try to find another reader.
The best choice was Feedly.
The good news it's come now with a new feature Feedly Cloud, see:
June 19th - The Feedly Cloud is now available to everyone.
Learn more and make sure you are migrated
Already some applications were built on Feedly cloud ...
Feedly cloud is now live, providing a fast and scalable infrastructure to seamlessly replace Google Reader. Feedly cloud also comes with a completely stand-alone Web version of feedly, that works with all major browsers. Finally, we are please to announce the first nine applications built on feedly cloud, that allow you to expand your feedly experience.

Monday, June 17, 2013

News: Google map fail under Firefox 17.0

The new google map it's now online. Everyone knows this news.
The Google development team told us:
The new Google Maps is redrawn for every search and click you make...
Really !?
I have the last update of Firefox, see :

So firefox is not good for google map.

You can read more news and tutorials here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Komodo 8.0.2 the best IDE .

Today I working with Komodo 8.0.2 .

The Komodo Edit it’s a very powerful free editor.

So if yo want to see more then read this.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How to export your project from Netbeans like RPM package.

I make another tutorial about Netbeans and RPM package.

If you want to see more read this.

I hope this help some people.