Thursday, September 7, 2017

News: New release of PulseAudio.

As we already know: PulseAudio is a network sound server and works well with the Linux operating system.
Now a new version has been released.

PulseAudio 11.0 release notes:
  • Support for newer AirPlay hardware
  • USB and Bluetooth devices preferred over internal sound cards
  • The default sink and source configuration is remembered better
  • Bluetooth HSP headset role implemented
  • Bluetooth HFP audio gateway role implemented (requires oFono)
  • Bluetooth HSP audio gateway and HFP hands-free unit roles can be enabled simultaneously
  • Upmixing can now be disabled without bad side effects
  • Avoid having unavailable sinks or sources as the default
  • Option to avoid resampling more often
  • Option to automatically switch Bluetooth profile to HSP more often
  • Better latency regulation in module-loopback
  • Changed module argument names in module-ladspa-sink and module-virtual-surround-sink
  • Fixed input device handling on Windows
  • Improved Bluetooth MTU configuration (warning! this causes some hardware to not work anymore, see the details below for how to fix it)
  • GNU Hurd support
  • Applications can request LADSPA or virtual surround filtering for their streams
  • Support for 32-bit applications on 64-bit systems