sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2011

Lesson for life ...

"Do not let your children in front of many people and their words, they are the train ..."
Goodbye Andrei, I hope to see you soon, with love - your father.

Protect your root account.

I will present a solution to protect the root account, quite funny but still elegant.
You can read about the command trap using : man trap.
What is this command?
when the specified event will occur will execute the command specified.
In this case, it will receive signal respectively will execute one command - exit
The the source code.

 echo "What is the secret ?"
 trap protect 2 20
 read -s resp
 if [ "$resp" != "asd" ]; then
 echo "Error!"
The result will be leaving the root account if you do not answer the question correctly.
Now protect the file against unauthorized changes:
# chmod 700 /root/.bashrc
You can create using the example above, different ways to execute various commands.

vineri, 11 noiembrie 2011

Qt Developer Days 2011

At 08 November, 2011 the oficial website has announced:
Qt SDK brings the SDK build targets to the level of the latest Symbian devices and the Nokia N9. It also introduces right-to-left and pinch area support (Qt 4.7.4 / Qt Quick 1.1) and new NFC (near field communication) and Bluetooth APIs (Qt Mobility 1.2)
Also it seemed very interesting the demos from Qt Developer Days 2011 Munich.

Interesting is that they came over 900 members of the Qt Community descended on Munich for the first half of Qt Developer Days.
Anyway the bad news : Desktop Mobility is not included at the moment.