Friday, September 13, 2013

Insync can help with Google Drive files.

I read a good article from linux jurnal website.

This is about Insync software and Google Drive.

So I try it and is very good to have it in your linux distro.

The Insync software let you to have files from google drive on your linux , sync and make conversion from Google Docs format to LibreOffice.

You have also one tray icon , something like Dropbox with a nice menu.

The application from Insync comes for Fedora , Ubuntu and Debian.

First windows of instalation is very intuitive...see

... will ask you to accept some things...

First you will have 15 days of trial and after that the price will start from 9,99 $.

The menu of tray icon cam be show with right click and this allow you to make all changes.

Is a great tool but if you sum all prices from all applications and google plans ( $4.99/month for 100Gb) will see this will take some money from you.