Saturday, February 13, 2016

Deal with highmaps.js - javascript library.

Another tutorial I make today about highmaps.js.
This simple example just allow us to understanding how this library working.
The tutorial can be found here.
This is result of the html5 files:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Google celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016 with one great gift.

All you have to do is check your secure account.
After that will see this message: To help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we added 2 GB of free Drive storage to your Google account because you completed the Security Checkup.

Monday, February 8, 2016

News: Copy and CudaDrive will be discontinued.

Today I got one questionable mail survey about cloud services and I think about the cloud and prices.
Now I saw one news about Copy and CudaDrive after my Dropbox take some space.
The news it's come from Copy and CudaDrive and will be closed.
This is the message from the official website: copy.

Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued. We are announcing today that the Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued on May 1, 2016. Copy and CudaDrive have provided easy-to-use cloud file services and sharing functionality to millions of users the past 4+ years. However, as our business focus has shifted, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Copy and CudaDrive services and allocate those resources elsewhere. For more information on this decision, please view the blog post from Rod Mathews our VP & GM, Storage Business.