Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fedora 28 : The Lynis and system security .

Lynis is a lightweight and easy open source auditing tool to evaluate current system security.
The official webpage can be found here.
I tested the version 263 and now the Fedora development team test the 264 version.
This tool will show you a detailed report of each and every aspect of system :
  • Boot and services
  • Kernel
  • Memory and processes
  • Users, groups, and authentication
  • File systems
  • Home directories
  • File permissions
  • Software: Malware
  • Security frameworks
  • Logging and files
  • SSH support
# dnf install lynis 
# lynis audit system  >> lynix_out.txt
The result is a text file ( 27 Kb sized for my system ) with all infos about your current system security.