miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013

Vulnerability? google paypal facebook and internal ip

Do you have any idea about an Internal IP Address or a Private IP Address that too assigned for Multinational Companies? Yeah, today we are gonna discuss about Internal IP or Private IP address Disclosure.

Disclosure of an Internal IP like 192.168.*.* or 172.16.*.* , can really Impact ? Most security researchers call it as "bull shit" vulnerability. But when it comes to impact calculation even if the server is behind a firewall or NAT, an attacker can see internal IP of the remote host and this may be used to further attacks.

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Linux - Fedora and Android make read-only file system.

I don't know what is the problem with linux - Fedora and Andoid OS.

After I put my usb cable seam Fedora make from write disk to read-only.

Maybe the Android when scan the device set to read-only.

So you can get some error like this when you use the chown commmand:

chown: changing ownership of ...: Read-only file system

That can be one big problem when you want to copy files on your tablet.

I found a solution, just use remount.

# mount -o rw,remount /media/disk

If you want to make read-only , use:

# mount -o ro,remount /media/disk

That will solve this issue.