Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Install old Skype package into Fedora 25.

This is old package of skype and can be download from this link: skype Fedora 16 - 32 bit.
The install process of skype using the dnf command:

[root@localhost Downloads]# dnf install skype-
Last metadata expiration check: 2:47:29 ago on Wed Feb 15 12:56:31 2017.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package              Arch   Version                              Repository
 alsa-lib             i686   1.1.1-2.fc25                         fedora  411 k
                      i686   1.1.1-1.fc25                         fedora   45 k
 bzip2-libs           i686   1.0.6-21.fc25                        updates  44 k
 cairo                i686   1.14.8-1.fc25                        updates 750 k
 xz-libs              i686   5.2.2-2.fc24                         fedora   98 k
 zlib                 i686   1.2.8-10.fc24                        fedora   98 k

Transaction Summary
Install  104 Packages

Total size: 90 M
Total download size: 71 M
Installed size: 264 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
  sni-qt.i686 0.2.6-7.fc24                                                     
  sqlite-libs.i686 3.14.2-1.fc25                                               
  systemd-libs.i686 231-12.fc25                                                
  tcp_wrappers-libs.i686 7.6-83.fc25                                           
  xz-libs.i686 5.2.2-2.fc24                                                    
  zlib.i686 1.2.8-10.fc24                                                      


To run the skype just use the command skype under linux shell: