joi, 25 iulie 2013

New features on Opera Next 16.

I don't use Opera but seam will be more good for users.
Read the full article here wrote by Sebo (Sebastian Baberowski).
Features that we’ve added for this build are:
support for W3C Geolocation API, form auto-filler, support for jump-lists on Windows 7/8,presentation mode is now available also on Mac, opera:flags – you can play with experimental features there. Please remember that this game might be dangerous (and bite), Opera 16 is based on Chromium 29.
So go and try the Opera...

How many fedora users use Opera browser?!

Opera browser

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andy spunea...

I mostly use Chromium day to day. Sometimes find it handy to also use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Tor. On laptop have's Iron (a more secure chrome port, said to be safest graphical browser on the planet. Done by restricting extensions...)

Syam Krishnan spunea...

I've been using Opera on Fedora for almost a decade now. Except for its shabby rendering (by Presto engine, never tried the new engine) of some Indian languages, Opera is brilliant.

eischmann spunea...

Yes, I'm still using Opera 12.16 since the new one is not available for Linux. Opera 15 is useless anyway. I'm hoping that Opera 16 will be available for Linux and will have at least some features of the old Opera.

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