Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fedora 28 : Linux application with node.js and Electron packager.

Today I make a tutorial about how to use node.js and Electron packager to create cross-platform applications.
The tutorial show you how to create Windows, Linux and Mac OS cross-platform applications and can be found here.
This is result of running the linux application with Fedora 28:

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fedora 28 : Godot example with linux .

Today I tested a simple example with the game engine named Godot version 3.0.6.
It was created on a Windows 8.1 operating system and exported as a linux application.
I moved the two files to the Fedora 28 operating system.
[mythcat@desk Godot_test_001]$ ll
total 41752
-rw-rw-r--. 1 mythcat mythcat    41092 Aug  2 18:34 Godot_test_001.pck
-rwxrwxr-x. 1 mythcat mythcat 42707653 Aug  2 18:34 Godot_test_001.x86_64
[mythcat@desk Godot_test_001]$ ./Godot_test_001.x86_64 
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Desktop 
Mono: Initializing module...
The assembly mscorlib.dll was not found or could not be loaded.
It should have been installed in the `/usr/lib/mono/4.5/mscorlib.dll' directory.
The error occurred from the mono package and I fixed it with the installation using the dnf tool.
[root@desk mythcat]# dnf install mono-core.x86_64
Last metadata expiration check: 1:22:05 ago on Thu 02 Aug 2018 05:30:05 PM EEST.
Dependencies resolved.

  mono-core.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28                 libgdiplus.x86_64 5.6-1.fc28                     
  mono-data.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28                 mono-data-sqlite.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28            
  mono-extras.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28               mono-mvc.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28                    
  mono-wcf.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28                  mono-web.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28                    
  mono-winforms.x86_64 4.8.0-14.fc28            

Here's the final result:
[mythcat@desk Godot_test_001]$ ./Godot_test_001.x86_64 
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Desktop 
Mono: Initializing module...
Mono: Runtime initialized

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fedora 28 : Unusual arguments for the dnf command.

Today I will introduce you in this tutorial some more unusual arguments for the dnf command.

  • first is check which package provides that file;
  • [root@desk mythcat]# dnf provides /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Last metadata expiration check: 0:23:46 ago on Wed 01 Aug 2018 09:31:44 AM EEST.
    httpd-2.4.34-3.fc28.x86_64 : Apache HTTP Server
    Repo        : @System
    Matched from:
    Filename    : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    httpd-2.4.34-3.fc28.x86_64 : Apache HTTP Server
    Repo        : updates
    Matched from:
    Filename    : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    httpd-2.4.33-2.fc28.x86_64 : Apache HTTP Server
    Repo        : fedora
    Matched from:
    Filename    : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  • get detailed information of a package can be viewed with the ‘info’ argument;
  • [root@desk mythcat]# dnf info httpd
    Last metadata expiration check: 0:29:01 ago on Wed 01 Aug 2018 09:31:44 AM EEST.
    Installed Packages
    Name         : httpd
    Version      : 2.4.34
    Release      : 3.fc28
    Arch         : x86_64
    Size         : 4.2 M
    Source       : httpd-2.4.34-3.fc28.src.rpm
    Repo         : @System
    From repo    : updates
    Summary      : Apache HTTP Server
    URL          :
    License      : ASL 2.0
    Description  : The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful, efficient, and extensible
                 : web server.
  • allows us to see what has happened to our Linux system over time, and even undo, redo, or roll back a transaction;
  • [root@desk mythcat]# dnf history
    ID     | Command line             | Date and time    | Action(s)      | Altered
       178 | upgrade                  | 2018-08-01 09:33 | Update         |   27   
       177 | upgrade                  | 2018-07-31 12:54 | Update         |   11   
       176 | upgrade                  | 2018-07-30 20:43 | Update         |    1
  • take actions will be quicker with the ‘makecache’ argument
  • [root@desk mythcat]# time dnf makecache
    Last metadata expiration check: 0:34:10 ago on Wed 01 Aug 2018 09:31:44 AM EEST.
    Metadata cache created.
    real    0m4.529s
    user    0m1.420s
    sys    0m0.229s
  • list all packages that are currently installed on your Linux system;
  • [root@desk mythcat]# dnf list installed
    Installed Packages
    CharLS.x86_64                          1.0-16.fc28              @System         
    Field3D.x86_64                         1.7.2-10.fc28            @System         
    GConf2.x86_64                          3.2.6-20.fc28            @updates-testing
    GeoIP.x86_64                           1.6.12-3.fc28            @fedora         
    GeoIP-GeoLite-data.noarch              2018.06-1.fc28           @updates        
    ImageMagick.x86_64                     1:        @updates-testing
    ImageMagick-c++.x86_64                 1:        @updates-testing
    ImageMagick-libs.x86_64                1:        @updates-testing
    LibRaw.x86_64                          0.18.13-1.fc28           @updates        
    ModemManager.x86_64                    1.6.12-3.fc28            @fedora