Friday, August 16, 2013

Shared come with 100 Gb free ... not just 15Gb

The shared webside come with 100 Gb free account .
This is very good to backup your work.
If you cant you can get your account.

This is my account ... and come just 15 Gb 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Few tutorials with pygame and android ...

Linux can be a goof tool for development...

In the last days I deal with pygame and android.

So if you want to make applications for your tablet or mobile phone then see this:




... also I saw the pygame can give some errors on android. I got this error : android pygame error : failed to dequeue buffer from native window.

So if is somebody know pygame then you can read more here.

News: find your own personal information through Google Search.

The good news about Google come from the official blog with this article.
Now you can ask google more about your flights, plans, appointments, reservations, purchases or your photos.
Your information come via encrypted connection just only for you when you're signed in to Google.
All of these features are for all users in the U.S. in English over the next few days.
My big question comes: Why come just in English... ?

Monday, August 12, 2013

News: ASUS without Windows RC.

After many problems with Windows RC, this great news is gratifying for users.
According to this article, it seems that ASUS quit Windows RC.
Maybe in the future will see ASUS device with Fedora OS...What do you think about that?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Marketing or dodge trade...?

The last years will come with many features for consumers.

The website come with this "dodge trade"

I told myself :"Maybe is an error".

Not realy. The marketing is make to distort the consumer.

Why? If you create an account on MailDirect then will have receive 0.5 ¢ and 1 ¢ / mail (you need 100$ to cash the money).

The big error is : most of the offers are exaggerated ...

Honestly, you should review the marketing policy.

I'm sure most users of Linux operating systems are wise enough to avoid such problems.

The big question is: if we are adept of open source infos ...then why not we have the same expressions in trades ?

Sorry about this post . Regards.