Thursday, January 31, 2013

GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest 2013

This week I’m attending the Developer Experience hackfest in Brussels.
This week Red Hat and the GNOME Foundation giving you the chance to attend the Developer Experience hackfest in Brussels.
The goal of the hackfest is to improve the overall application developer experience.
There are three main areas of work we suggest for this hackfest:

  • Tooling (Anjuta, Monodevelop, application bundling, intltool, gtk-doc, autofoo and friends...)
  • Developer docs and mindshare (unified online/offline API reference UI, app developer community building...)
  • Further platform needs (improvement of data-driven apps and other needs with an unclear answer)
  • Application bundling and sandboxing, the application as the first class concept in the kernel

Read more about this event here.