Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fedora 27 : Test install with dotnet from microsoft.

Today I test how to install dotnet from Microsoft team development with Fedora 27.
The Microsoft team come with RedHat packages version - 7.3 and is an old type of packages.
They show us this old way how to deal with this issue , see this link.
I used this command lines into sudo user:
#rpm --import
#sh -c 'echo -e "[packages-microsoft-com-prod]\nname=packages-microsoft-com-prod 
\ngpgcheck=1\ngpgkey=" > 
#dnf update
#dnf install libunwind libicu compat-openssl10
#dnf install dotnet-sdk-2.0.2
#dotnet new console -o myApp
#cd myApp
#dotnet run
As you can see the dotnet working well with Fedora 27.
I would have preferred a classic dnf installation for reasons of later incompatibility.
This fact only indicates a tangential interest and a clear reason in microsoft capabilities to cover dotnet's area of interest versus linux distributions.