Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fedora 27 : Testing the hugo web framework .

The development team come with this shot info: The world’s fastest framework for building websites.
I don't know if is the fastest framework but I'm sure is the fastest process to install and make settings using Fedora distro.
First you need to know this framework works with golang programming language.
Let's start testing this framework with the first step install the golang on the system.
$ sudo dnf install golang
$ mkdir -p $HOME/go
$ echo 'export GOPATH=$HOME/go' >> $HOME/.bashrc
$ source $HOME/.bashrc
$ go env GOPATH
Now you will have a go folder into home folder. Let's install the hugo framework.
$ cd  go
$ hugo new site hugo_website_001
$ cd hugo_website_001
$ tree
The result will the this:

The next step is the testing the hugo server with some commands:
$ hugo version
$ hugo --verbose
$ hugo server --verbose
$ hugo server
This will start the server and you can be see it at This is a bind address of the default hugo server and you need to set like any website. The file named config.toml in your site directory contains the global configuration for your Hugo site. This settings will make our website to run well. We can use one theme from a list of themes using git tool, see themes If you get a theme named theme_001 you need to add it into config.toml file like:
theme = theme_001
The next step is to create some content and we can start with draft files. The draft file named can be created with this command into hugo_website_001 folder. This will create the file into content folder.
$ hugo new
The draf files can be render just if you use D option:
$ hugo server -D
If you don't have install or set a theme then you cannot see the draft or any content web pages. You can create a new theme (example: test_theme_001) and deal with this theme.
hugo new theme test_theme_001
If you use a theme from hugo then hugo is fastest framework, but if you need to create a new theme then for me is as fast as any framework.