Monday, November 30, 2020

Fedora 33 : Build and publish with .NET Core SDK .

In this tutorial I will show you how can use .NET Core SDK to build and run a simple MyGame001 application from the last tutorial.
Let's go to the project and get some infos:
[mythcat@desk ~]$ cd CSharpProjects/
[mythcat@desk CSharpProjects]$ cd MyGame001/
[mythcat@desk MyGame001]$ dotnet --info
.NET Core SDK (reflecting any global.json):
 Version:   3.1.109
 Commit:    32ced2d411

Runtime Environment:
 OS Name:     fedora
 OS Version:  33
 OS Platform: Linux
 RID:         fedora.33-x64
 Base Path:   /usr/lib64/dotnet/sdk/3.1.109/

Host (useful for support):
  Version: 3.1.9
  Commit:  774fc3d6a9

.NET Core SDKs installed:
  3.1.109 [/usr/lib64/dotnet/sdk]

.NET Core runtimes installed:
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 3.1.9 [/usr/lib64/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 3.1.9 [/usr/lib64/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App]

To install additional .NET Core runtimes or SDKs:
The next command will create MyGame001.dll.
[mythcat@desk MyGame001]$ dotnet publish --configuration Release --runtime fedora.33-x64 --self-contained false
Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 16.4.0+e901037fe for .NET Core
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

  Restore completed in 50.58 ms for /home/mythcat/CSharpProjects/MyGame001/MyGame001.csproj.
  MyGame001 -> /home/mythcat/CSharpProjects/MyGame001/bin/Release/netcoreapp3.1/fedora.33-x64/MyGame001.dll
  MyGame001 -> /home/mythcat/CSharpProjects/MyGame001/bin/Release/netcoreapp3.1/fedora.33-x64/publish/
Now you can run it with dotnet command:
[mythcat@desk MyGame001]$ dotnet /home/mythcat/CSharpProjects/MyGame001/bin/Release/netcoreapp3.1/fedora.33-x64/MyGame001.dll
You can simply run it like an Linux application:
[mythcat@desk MyGame001]$ /home/mythcat/CSharpProjects/MyGame001/bin/Release/netcoreapp3.1/fedora.33-x64/publish/MyGame001