Friday, August 7, 2020

Fedora 32 : First example with C# on Fedora distro.

Let's enable the COPR repository for dotnet:
[mythcat@desk ~]$ sudo dnf copr enable @dotnet-sig/dotnet
[sudo] password for mythcat: 
Enabling a Copr repository. Please note that this repository is not part
of the main distribution, and quality may vary.

The Fedora Project does not exercise any power over the contents of
this repository beyond the rules outlined in the Copr FAQ at
and packages are not held to any quality or security level.

Please do not file bug reports about these packages in Fedora
Bugzilla. In case of problems, contact the owner of this repository.

Do you really want to enable [y/N]: y
Repository successfully enabled.
Install the .NET Core package:
[mythcat@desk ~]$ sudo dnf install dotnet
Copr repo for dotnet owned by @dotnet-sig         42 kB/s |  59 kB     00:01    
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                           Arch      Version            Repository  Size
 dotnet                            x86_64    3.1.106-1.fc32     updates     11 k
Installing dependencies:
 aspnetcore-runtime-3.1            x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates    6.2 M
 aspnetcore-targeting-pack-3.1     x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates    945 k
 dotnet-apphost-pack-3.1           x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates     70 k
 dotnet-host                       x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates    104 k
 dotnet-hostfxr-3.1                x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates    164 k
 dotnet-runtime-3.1                x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates     27 M
 dotnet-sdk-3.1                    x86_64    3.1.106-1.fc32     updates     41 M
 dotnet-targeting-pack-3.1         x86_64    3.1.6-1.fc32       updates    1.8 M
 dotnet-templates-3.1              x86_64    3.1.106-1.fc32     updates    1.8 M
 netstandard-targeting-pack-2.1    x86_64    3.1.106-1.fc32     updates    1.3 M

Transaction Summary
Install  11 Packages

Total download size: 79 M
Installed size: 298 M
Is this ok [y/N]: 
Use this tutorial to install Visual Studio Code. Press Ctr-P keys to install the C# extension by OmniSharp.
ext install ms-dotnettools.csharp
The last step is to create a application HelloWorld:
[mythcat@desk ~]$ dotnet new console -o HelloWorld

Welcome to .NET Core 3.1!
SDK Version: 3.1.106

Explore documentation:
Report issues and find source on GitHub:
Find out what's new:
Learn about the installed HTTPS developer cert:
Use 'dotnet --help' to see available commands or visit:
Write your first app:
Getting ready...
The template "Console Application" was created successfully.

Processing post-creation actions...
Running 'dotnet restore' on HelloWorld/HelloWorld.csproj...
  Restore completed in 119.48 ms for /home/mythcat/HelloWorld/HelloWorld.csproj.

Restore succeeded.
You can run it with dotnet run command:
[mythcat@desk ~]$ cd HelloWorld/
[mythcat@desk HelloWorld]$ ls
HelloWorld.csproj  obj  Program.cs
[mythcat@desk HelloWorld]$ dotnet run Program.cs 
Hello World!