Saturday, March 31, 2018

News: Yahoo hit QupZilla.

Like most, you already know as an XFCE environment installation comes with QupZilla web browser.
The QupZilla web browser is a lightweight multiplatform web browser written in Qt Framework and using its web rendering engine QtWebEngine.
If you using Fedora 28 you can get the Falkon web browser.
The Wikipedia tells us about Falkon browser "(formerly QupZilla[3]) is a free and open-source web browser, intended for general users. Falkon is licensed under GPLv3."
The Falkon browser working well with Yahoo.

About QupZilla web browser.

I used this web browser with Fedora 27 distro and then I tested with new Fedora 28.
Same problem from both distros with the Yahoo mail and the QupZilla web browser.
After authenticating when you access the mail button, a message that redirects us to use other browsers.
Is it okay or bad?
Most users would like to have no such issues.