miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

Nokia SDK and MIDlet

Yesterday I played with the SDK from Nokia. Do you think that it's easy to create a MIDlet . Finally I managed to make an application "Helllo World'.
Maybe I'll write a little tutorial in the near future when I'll know more about MIDlets and java.
Here is the resulting feedback.

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Felix spunea...

I wonder how it compares to the Sun WTK, which is what I use. How large is the Nokia SDK? Does it force you to use a particular IDE?

Oh, and making a basic MIDlet is trivial... if you have a tutorial at hand, and there are plenty on the Web. Now, a real application can be a little more tricky. What do you plan to write?

Catalin Festila spunea...

I plan to write a little IDE editor for phone. Maybe "IDE" is to much , let's say editor with some features.
Why , because i stay sometime and I need to put some ideas but i have just the phone on me. I use sometime Nokia X2. The example from photo is running on this phone.
So this is my problem... If you want join on this just write me on mail .
Yes , It is trivial for somebody , and hard to use for beginners.
I use IDE Eclipse and NOKIA SDK for official page ( S60 - i you know i try to say ) , under Windos XP , because I had some problems with my PC.

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