joi, 30 septembrie 2010

A new update for "SEO Starter Guide".

Google say us : "About two years ago we published our first SEO Starter Guide, which we have since translated into 40 languages..." The new version is more explicit and useful to have it. Unfortunately it is not translated in all languages.
I wonder why google does not use the open source community to translate them.
Now we can download the new update from  here .

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Samual spunea...

I appreciate you for posting such a great Blog.Search engine optimization is the process to enhance the ranking in the search results of the search engine by optimizing the website in all ways of design, content, links, etc., and by which we can increase the traffic to the website and improve the business.

Catalin Festila spunea...

@Samual:What's your point? What is wrong in my post? ... can not be translated in all languages? I do not think so.

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