duminică, 3 iulie 2011

Fedora and laptops - only a brief look ...

Today I looked on the internet to see a laptop for me.
I've seen some good models in price / quality.
Then I remembered that someone had compatibility problems with a Dell laptop, which accept only Vista drivers.
I found the link, but unfortunately the list is small and outdated.
I think that would be an important step in promoting Fedora if we update this page.
I'm sure most of us have installed Fedora on the laptop.
When installing Fedora , we can send hardware profile to Fedora Team.
If data on computers that can run Fedora would be available, users would receive real help.
On the other hand, I saw several laptops that are available in stores various operating systems.
Unfortunately it's just a fantasy..Why?
Here is a clear example of store : a turnover of euro 102 million in 2010 , see image:
This is not an error in the database selection, is just a trick to not take questions.
It's pathetic.