miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

News: Google Play Store increasing file size .

To help developers build apps , Google Play Store increasing file size limit from 50 MB to 100 MB. Seam Google wants to encourage developers for creating richer apps and games. Also users will see a warning only when the app exceeds the 100MB quota and makes use of Expansion Files.
You can read more at support googleplay apk

marți, 22 septembrie 2015

GIF file animated with open-source software.

I tested the Blender 3D version 2.76 with Inkscape and Synfig to make this GIF animated.
This is the result :

I used the default cube from Blender 3D to make a SVG image. 
Also I working with Synfig software to create this GIF. 
I will make one good tutorial about this GIF. 
I hope this will help you to find new ways to deal with the open-source software.

marți, 21 iulie 2015

Google Shutting Down Google+ Photos !

Google announced in a post on its social network site, it will begin winding down Google+ Photos: on August 1st we’ll start to shut down Google+ Photos -- initially on Android, and soon thereafter on the Web and iOS. How to fix that ... ? So you need to download the new Google Photos today for uninterrupted access to all your photos, videos and albums. To do that use android.apps.photos. With the new app you’ll still be able to backup, edit, and share your photos and videos, with unlimited storage, automatic organization, and more. The biggest difference is that :
  • Google+ users had to actually visit the network on the web to access photos;
  • Google Photos has its own dedicated web interface.
Also your photos and video will still remain available for download through Google Takeout - a program that allows users to download a copy of their data stored within Google products.

sâmbătă, 11 iulie 2015

The VirtualBox and Fedora 22.

I used the VirtualBox - version 4.3.28.xxxx and Fedora Linux 22.
The main reason was to test how fast it's the  Fedora 22 over VirtualBox.
And the answer was just few minutes.
My hardware come with NVIDIA video card Geforce 740M  , CPU : 2117U -1.80Ghz and 4Gb RAM.
I used Fedora-Workstation-netinst-x86_64-22.iso .
This will take some time when you install because this will use network to download all packages.
You need to set one new  linux os over Virtual Box and make this settings:
Load the Fedora .iso and start it with Show/Playbutton.

After all packages are on your computer then the next step come with unload the .iso file and select the virtual drive. This can be seen under Controler:SATA . Let all settings under Network : NAT. Start it with Show button and you will see it workin well.

I like very much the new Virtual Box and Fedora also, because it's fast (~ 1 min) and I don't need to start another hardware to test my linux stuff.

duminică, 5 iulie 2015

News: The Tangram is designed for real-time rendering of 2D and 3D maps.

Mapzen builds open-source mapping tools and collaborates on open geodata initiatives and one good choice is Tangram.

The Tangram is a flexible mapping engine, designed for real-time rendering of 2D and 3D maps.
Come with some features like matrix maps:

joi, 11 iunie 2015

Fix Bash shell vulnerability under Linux OS .

If some Bash code outside of the curly brace then it will then be executed by the linux system.
env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c " bash test "
If your system is vulnerable, it will then output:
bash test 
How Do You Fix It ? Just open up a terminal, and type:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
or under Fedora with :
sudo yum update
Also you can see more about linux and linux tutorials here.

luni, 1 iunie 2015

News: Scribus 1.5.0 released.

The new version 1.5.0 for test purposes is now based on Qt 5.2.Some features comes with this version:
  • Scribus can now store bitmap images within its native file format;
  • offers a "Symbol" or clone feature similar to Adobe Illustrator;
  • the new "Weld" feature, objects be combined and moved without being grouped;
  • each object remains fully editable;
  • most often requested text features: vertical scaling of text, orphans and widows control, foot and end notes, text variables, cross references;
  • with a huge number of new or rewritten import filters - and some are still experimental;
  • also : vector drawings, 3D, bitmap files, ...
Read more about this new version : 1.5.0 release webpage.