marți, 18 noiembrie 2014

Facebook At Work - new secret project of Facebook.

If you will be on work then you will test the new facebook with with your co-workers.
Over 8,348 facebook employees working now to test and develop the new facebook project.
Read more about this here.

sâmbătă, 15 noiembrie 2014

WiFi networks can be visible.

A designer and researcher at Oslo School of Architecture - Timo Arnall, how make things visible show us how to see the WiFi signal.
One project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs.
Can we see this with google maps in the futures !? I think will be a great issue.
See the next video make by Timo Arnall:
Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

marți, 11 noiembrie 2014

News : The new Codenvy 3.2 released.

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The new Codenvy release come with version 3.2. Codenvy’s Developer Environment Cloud (CDEC) allows developer to use cloud environment.

This allow us to use cloud as a public cloud, which we call SaaS, and as a private cloud, which we call on-premises.
You can use many programming languages using: File - New - Project .

Also you can import new projects from git, github and zip with all subversion features: File - Import Project - Import From Location.
Builds are executed from the Build menu using Maven as a build system.
You can run your project with Run - Run and Run - Custom Run or if you want then you can create your own runtime recipe.

NOTE: The debugging is available for Java web applications only.

miercuri, 22 octombrie 2014

Real money with browser game.

So I tested the markerglory game into my browsers ( Chrome and Firefox) .
MarketGlory is a strategy game, economic, political, social and military strategy game.
Working with all curency , let you to use the virtual money in your benefit.
All users have one referal into the game. This will give some goals by the game.
You can working one time / day and this will give money and experience points.
Also when you grow you can build your companies for workers and sell your products to local or global market. It's very simple and you can try it.
I think this help me to buy my Fedora dvd :), or maybe to make a Fedora Organization to help others.

What do you think about this game versus another games?

vineri, 17 octombrie 2014

requestAnimationFrame. - test it and also I make another tutorial.

I test it this great function. Working well and for readers I make a tutorial about how to use it.
See here if you want to use it.

miercuri, 15 octombrie 2014

Great idea with Virtual Machines.

The team (see: osboxes website) come with two .vdi files for VirtualBox to help any user to test it. The Fedora team has a way to promote Fedora, so this can be a great idea.
I test it with may VirtualBox and it's working well. I'm not Fedora Ambassador.
So if somebody want to do it, then will be great.
This great idea can help users to test Linux. I saw it on LinuxLite.

marți, 14 octombrie 2014

News: NVIDIA PhysX SDK 3.3.2 under Linux.

Brings GPU acceleration under Linux with the new version is the GPU PhysX support. NVIDIA has updated the PhysX SDK in version 3.3.2. NVIDIA PhysX is available for Windows, Linux, OS X, Sony PS3/PS4/PSVita, Nitendo Wii U, XboX (360 , One), Android and iOS. The main changes in v3.3.2 :

  • added set/getRunProfiled() for PxDefaultCpuDispatcher to control profiling at task level. 
  • Android: Support for x86 based devices was added. PxProfileEventHandler::durationToNanoseconds() added. Translates event duration in timestamp (cycles) into nanoseconds. 
  • added SnippetProfileZone to show how to retrieve profiling information. 
  • added SnippetCustomJoint to better illustrate custom joint implementation, and removed SnippetExtension. 
  • added SnippetStepper to demonstrate kinematic updates while substepping with tasks.
  • fixed some issues.