My job offer.

About me and my work:
  I was born in 1976, finished my military studies, and graduated in organizational management. I have invested my free time in various areas related to personal development. I consider self-taught personal development to be a point of support for any priority activity of the individual in society. I am a follower of the concept of a mentor as a surplus of experience and processing capacity. I agree with the concepts of reconversion but I do not recommend major changes. If you liked this introduction then here is what I can offer. ... to support you in the field in which I have experience with:
  • theory and examples;
  • rapid learning and acquisition of personal skills and development;
  • support for personal organization and resource management;
You can see what I worked on by searching the internet for my name Cătălin George Feștilă or nicknames: mythcat, catafest.  
In order to have functionality and seriousness, I will ask for the services and my experience in the fields presented below the amount of 1 euro / 5 working hours with one person / project .

Programming and application development area:
Graphics and design area:
The money will be used to maintain and support this development project. If you consider it a useful project then you can come with other human and material resources. 
Details on my yahoo catafest email address.