vineri, 21 iunie 2013

Facebook unlike button told us more about you.

Why facebook don't make unlike button ? Because If you unlike something ... and this told us this give a point , but also this make more true.

Also be advice is not just two choice in life , and maybe is good to say "I like something ..., But I love may way...

If I have facebook in my hands I make 3 buttons : like , unlike and you have a point but ...

The number of like is just a dream. This show you are in the social network dream.

This allow you to be more ... What ?

What do you think when do : I like and also what do when you want to press : Unlike or you have a point but ...

Because is to info and I like but not all you say. So what I give you a big I like when you have just 50% true in what you say.

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