miercuri, 19 septembrie 2012

Something about blogspot feeds and adsense settings.

Today I did something for my blogs.

I did email settings rss and you can watch them more easily.

The main reason I blog is that it treats many different topics.

I met something weird. Rss for content adsense settings requires Full option.

If you want to make settings for content only and not for comment when you have to choose the Custom option. See next note from help.

Post Feed Footer
Close help
This will appear after each post in your post feed. If you use ads 
or other third-party feed additions, you can enter that code here. 
You must also set Allow Blog Feeds to Full (above).

To set jut Blog Posts Feed using feeds than you need do this:

Allow Blog Feed ?  

Blog Posts Feed

Blog Comment Feed

Per-Post Comment Feeds

How exactly it's reflect this with adsense scripts...

Note:... my blogs :

pygame blog
python blog
graphics and more
this blog - about my life

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