luni, 7 mai 2012

Fedora 17 beta - youtube under firefox

I like firefox ... I like youtube also . I don't like Shockwave Adobe plugin. So if you want to see something with youtube under firefox , just disable this great plugin. The firefox comes with many plugins and some working very bad for users. Maybe some of us , in the future will not be "plugin" system. It's a joke... Don't you think ?

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Nicu Buculei spunea...

i have installed the following Firefox plugins:
- Flash (that's is, but also use Flashblock, so it plays when I allow it)
- IcedTea (free Java)
- GoogleTalk - still the easier way to get voice/video chat on Linux
- VLC/Totem - for all multimedia needs.

I am not sure why do you say the plugin system is a joke: is a way to extend the functionality of an application.

As for YouTube, some clips will work with HTML5/WebM and other will still require Flash, I guess they didn't managed to finish the migration.

Catalin Festila spunea...

I say that:
...the Firefox browser, should come with flash player since installing firefox by default, or another player created especially for youtube by google without the need adobe player.

Nicu Buculei spunea...

you want it bundled by an own Flash player created by Mozilla developers, with the existing player from Adobe or a third party Open Source player (like Gnash for example)?

For the first option, Mozilla probably lacks the resources, the second is not possible due to the license from Adobe and the third, you already have it when using a Linux distro.

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