joi, 29 iulie 2010

A small trick ...

Today I have a trick ...
Search packages for installation with grep.

# yum search python | grep -e [O,o]pen[gl,GL,Gl,gL]
PyOpenGL.noarch : Python bindings for OpenGL
It is very useful and fast. Or would you prefer to list all packages?

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MStoykov spunea...

I would say it is better to use "grep -i opengl" - I suppose it's slower but it's much more pretty

reidrac spunea...

What's wrong with list?

# yum list "*OpenGL*"

OK, it doesn't cover your case restrictions, but it supports son glob expressions.

Check yum man page (List Options).

Catalin Festila spunea...

I just one example. But is good if we can find something else .

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